Give and Take


Give and Take is fast-paced mini game for 4-7 players.


Keep your objective hidden, your eyes on your opponents, and steal the right item at just the right time! Do you think you can read your friends? Do you think they can read you?

In Give and Take, you are given a card full of rules, and another which tells you which rules to follow, ensuring that each game is different. These rules will tell you which two object cards you have to have in order to win, and you have to steal, give away, and trade object cards with your opponents to do it. Be crafty and swift, because your opponents may be looking for those same cards. Can you read your friends and make the game go your way? Only one way to find out!


Give and Take

4-7 Players

Ages 12+

Under 5 Minutes to Play


Give and Take is currently in beta testing. Want information about its progress and a chance to win a copy yourself? Make sure to visit the Email List page and sign up! People on our email list get notified first about sales and have access to exclusive giveaways!