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Homeward is a cooperative card game for 2-7 players.


In Homeward, players are members of a crew of ship builders on a distant colony world. The word comes down that the worst is about to happen: the planet is about to explode! All the bigwigs have taken the available ships, but players have their resourcefulness and a warehouse full of parts. In the first phase of the game, the team has three minutes to put together a working ship out of parts drawn from the Equipment deck. A working ship needs a nose, body, thrusters, and life support just to get off the ground. What kind of ship you make is entirely up to you, but the trick is, all players have to agree; if even one player votes “no”, the part is discarded.


In the second phase of the game, your quickly-built ship has to travel through space and overcome serious obstacles (drawn from the Challenge deck). If your ship survives three challenges, you make it back to earth and win!



2-7 Players

Ages 12+

10 Minutes to Play



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