Monday, April 6th, 2015


Bill Shakespeare is Dead now live on Kickstarter!


Strap on your codpiece and bite your thumb. This ain’t Masterpiece Theatre.


New game from Brikenbrak Games Launching on Kickstarter on April 6th.


Designer Paul Cosca brings Bill Shakespeare is Dead to Kickstarter as the debut effort of Brikenbrak Games. Bill Shakespeare is Dead is a fast-paced party game for 5 or more players. Those who love Cards Against Humanity and have a flair for the dramatic will find themselves right at home with Bill Shakespeare is Dead.


Featuring beautiful watercolors by Anna Poplawska, the game will launch on Kickstarter with a single copy coming in at a pledge of $30. For $75, backers will get a copy of the game and will be able to customize the text of one card that will be included in every copy of the game for this first print run.


About the game:


You and your fellow players are members of the King’s Men, and you make your living saying pretty words to hundreds of filthy people. Better than digging ditches, right? Well tonight is supposed to be the opening night of a brand new play. The crowds are already gathered in the Globe Theatre, and the only thing missing is your star playwright, Bill Shakespeare. As it turns out, Bill had a little too much pickled herring and a lot too much wine and is as dead as disco. Now, armed with nothing but patches of the new script and (sometimes obscene) scribbles in the margins, you all need to put on a show. Good luck!

In Bill Shakespeare is Dead, one of Shakespeare’s famous plays is split into five short acts. During each act, one person acts as the Stage Manager, and two people are randomly chosen to act out the scene. As they go through the script, the rest of the players will have to fill in missing nouns and verbs randomly drawn from the deck and helpfully shouted when there is a blank part in the script. The Stage Manager chooses which nouns and verbs go where. At the end, you can tally your points and declare a winner, if that’s your sort of thing.

It’s Cards Against Humanity meets Mad-libsian acting meets Shakespearian shouting.

Number of Players: 5 and up.

Time Required: 30 minutes.

Recommended Ages: 15 and up.



Visit the Kickstarter page here!






Wednesday, March 25th, 2015

Brikenbrak Games is headed to Emerald City Comicon!


Join designer Paul Cosca at Emerald City Comicon in Seattle, WA on Saturday, March 28th and Sunday, March 29th to play Bill Shakespeare is Dead. We are proud to join several other designers from around the northwest in this incredibly exciting event. Come have a great time and enter to win a copy of the game!



Wednesday, March 18th, 2015

Brikenbrak Games continues a busy month of live events with demos of Bill Shakespeare is Dead at Heroic Realms Hobbies and Games in Kalispell, MT on Sunday, March 22nd and Rook’s Comics and Games in Bozeman MT on Monday, March 23rd.


Come on down and play Bill Shakespeare is Dead with designer Paul Cosca and enter to win a copy of the game for yourself! It’s fun, it’s free and…did we mention fun?



Wednesday, March 4th, 2015


Brikenbrak Games kicks off a busy month of live events with demos of Bill Shakespeare is Dead at Muse Comics and Games in Missoula, MT on Saturday, March 7th and White Knight Toys and Hobbies in Helena, MT On Sunday, March 8th. Both events run from 1-4pm.


Come on down and play Bill Shakespeare is Dead with designer Paul Cosca and enter to win a copy of the game for yourself! It’s fun, it’s free, and…did we mention fun?


Muse Comics and Games

2100 Stephens #107

Missoula, MT 59801

Saturday, March 7th 1-4pm


White Knight Toys and Hobbies

920 E Lyndale Ave Ste 1

Helena, MT 59601

Sunday, March 8th 1-4pm


Thursday, October 2nd, 2014


Brikenbrak Games will be appearing at the Great Falls Gaming Rendesvouz ( on Saturday, October 11th and Sunday, October 12th. Brikenbrak Games will be sponsoring a table at the convention and all of the games currently in testing will be on hand to play. Along with the numerous games at the various tables at GFGR, convention-goers will be able to try Homeward, Give and Take, Jekyll and Hyde, The Big Score, and Bill Shakespeare is Dead.


There will also be two giveaways, one on Saturday and one on Sunday. Players can match their wits against one another in a game of Geek Out, and the winners of those games will walk away with prizes.