The Big Score


The Big Score is a heist and secret information game for 4-8 players.


Designed for kids and adults, players split up into two teams, Thieves and Guards. The game takes place in the Museum of Massively Magnificent Art, during the museum’s most important exhibit; many of the most famous works of art in history are being displayed, and a group of Thieves is trying to walk out with millions of dollars worth of art. The only thing stopping them is a group of guards trying to restore security to the museum.


Players take turn rolling dice and moving from room to room, collecting helpful cards along the way. Guards are looking for Lockdown cards, which will restore the security in the rooms. Thieves are looking for Steal cards, which will allow them to steal pieces of art. The twist is that the Thieves move on a separate board, hidden from the guards. They can plot and scheme, waiting for the right time to strike. But if they wait too long, the Guards will collect all the Lockdown cards and win. Both teams have to act fast and be bold to snatch victory out of the hands of their opponents!


The Big Score

4-8 Players

Ages 12+

30-60 Minutes to Play


The Big Score is currently in beta testing. Want information about its progress and a chance to win a copy yourself? Make sure to visit the Email List page and sign up! People on our email list get notified first about sales and have access to exclusive giveaways!

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