House Rules

Not a long post today (I’m getting married really soon, so my attention is slightly diverted!) but this is a post I’ve been thinking of awhile, and may expand on later. What games do you enjoy, but only when you have house rules in place?


This might be a multi-part post, but for today my thoughts are on Last Night on Earth. I’m an absolute sucker for theme-heavy games. I love getting into the tone and story of a game, and even doing some roleplaying if it makes sense (ask me how I play BSG and it will be different with every character!). So LNOE is a no-brainer for me (pun intended). I love the theme, the artwork is great, and I even like the cheesy soundtrack that comes along with it. Unfortunately, the combat just doesn’t match how much I love the rest of the game.


Now, I don’t have any of the expansions, so someone can correct me if there has been an improvement made somewhere, but in LNOE it’s just too damn hard to kill zombies! Since the zombies draw so  many cards, and are only killed by rolling doubles (unless you have a ranged weapon), it often feels impossible for the humans. If the stars align and you pull good cards early, you’ve got a shot. But if the human’s plan takes too long to develop, there will just be too many zombies on the board to make it work (especially when a really unlucky turn can end with the zombies playing half a dozen cards).


So, we implemented a house rule that seems to at least level the playing field a tiny bit. In our scenarios, when zombies are beaten but not killed, they are stunned. So on the next turn, that particular zombie can’t take any actions. It’s a small thing, but it helps turn a completely hopeless situation into one that’s just desperate.


So what house rules do you have on your game nights? Share in the comments!


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