Kickstarter Log 1 – The Beginning

So, as the title implies, I am planning a Kickstarter. It’s not happening any time soon, so there won’t be any big, juicy updates yet. And really, that’s how it should be. I say “I’m planning a Kickstarter”, but what it really means is that “A Kickstarter campaign will happen five or more months from now.”


So back here, months before anything is going to be launched, what do I do? How do I start preparing?


1. Testing. The game is in beta, but there is still a good deal of testing left to do.


2. Research. Even way back here, I can begin market research, beginning looking at other blogs. Interact with the community. Build a network.


3. Refine. Between now and then, the art will need a good deal of polish. Now’s the time to do that!


In the next log: the game itself.


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